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Spiritual and Quantum Healing



Welcome to you all .


My name is André Gézel


I am Energetic Therapist and since many rich years of teaching I am interested in energy , whether earthly or heavenly . It is a journey of great wealth and also a great work of transformation within that gives me a source of endless inspiration in my cosmic and earthly creations.

 After a wonderful trip to Egypt on certain sacred sites, I felt a very strong attraction for jewelry Pharaonic Egypt and the symbolism they represent, as if I found some memories.
So I decided to follow my feelings and create a collection of pendants and talismans creating Cosmic Symbols , Celestial and terrestrial affecting me and I hope they will  also speak to you.

We live periods of intense transformation and reconnection for a number of years , and celestial or cosmic symbols embodied in the material are fun and support to connect and support us in daily life, while combining the visible and invisible, the heavens and the earth , ether and terrestrial realms , the masculine and feminine .....

My jewelry will accompany you on your path or the path of those whom you love. They at least for me more than symbolic , a connection that you can connect you.

I am eager to share with you a teaching Metatron who speaks the fields of the aura, how to preserve and strengthen thanks to certain minerals and precious metals. Metatron : Quantum Clarity in Alchemy