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The Spiritual or Quantum Healing

The Spiritual or Quantum Healing

The Spiritual or Quantum Healing


The healing I would like to tell you about today could be qualified like this: We could call it quantum healing, multidimensional or even universal or spiritual healing.

By the way, to the spirit level - our true divine consciousness or superior self which is part of a whole… or is part of the whole as you would name it - and according to your beliefs, the sickness does not exist. One can debate then that healing does not exist as well.

Yes, but I am already hearing you and my ears arewhistling, and I understand you as I myself have experienced sickness and healing.

But this is a debate we would rather not start, if you may.

So, the healing - we would call it like this today in order to use a common vocabulary – is more about an energetic rebalancing following an energetic unbalance.

The great majority of physical or psychic pathologies, except some diagnosed cases from birth, are linked to non-favourable energies that we have created ourselves and integrated inside our physical bodies. Our thoughts are energies, our fears are energies, our pains, our incomprehension, our frustrations, our angers, our resentments are energies that we emitted at a given moment in our current or past lives, and which could sometimes create distortions of energies (according to their importance) from which it can be difficult to get over.

And you got it! It is not worth to precise that the causes of these unbalances are significantly numerous so… List them would be impossible.

In our body, these energies always ring a bell to inform that something is wrong in us, in our life. Our body always sends us prevent signs at the physical level or at the psychic level which are actually the same thing, as everything is in our body and our brain.

Usually the majority of non-experienced human beings does not listen to the prevent signs. For many sociocultural reasons, we had been learning really few from our parents or from the society on these phenomenons. We have very little knowledge and feels about it, however things are evolving rapidly, in a hidden but fatal way.

All this could seem irrational, esoteric or outlandish, when it is not considered as sectarian…



But anyway, I keep sharing with you my point of view and my feels, all of this being empirical as no school or formation have been created nowadays to teach about this in a full and effective manner. (As it seems to me)

All these energies that we created in ourselves and which are unbalancing us, have (I would say) a specific polarity as there are non-favourable energies and I would qualify them as dual or unappropriated. The thing is we connected ourselves to our dark human part and we unbalanced ourselves little by little, in a scale of time or during a harsh emotional shock.

For us, human beings, the issue is that we find that normal. We are saying that this is life, tomorrow is another day, etc… And indeed, life is fortunately going on, we all agree on that.

The issue is that these energies that we created are real and even if some of them can be released naturally, the others could not. You can try medicine, healthy life, bio or every possible relaxation techniques but for some unbalances it would not work. And I would not dare to add aggravating factors such as pollutions, pesticides, unbalanced alimentation…

Ok, so you are really nice Andre but how can we do then??

Well, I will try to express things clearly and simply as it is actually simple even if there is a sort of complexity that our brain is not able to understand.

But… If we have been connecting to our dark part and to the mass consciousness where selves are surrounded by all the fears of all the human beings who are creating dark energies and who initiated pathologies, then we are able to connect to our enlightened (or Light) part as well, and this part will create enlightened energies in order to rebalance. In other words, Love and Light are healing us because it is their absence which created the unbalance.

A simple analogy would make it possible for you to discern it easily;

When you are cold you are looking for warmth and vice-versa, until you reach a balance again. You are perfectly acknowledged that in these cases you would need to find a source of heat or freshness, otherwise it would be impossible or really long as you would need to wait until the next season, which by the way would not be possible in the poles or the equator… But that’s a joke.

So… As a conclusion nobody would question this truth, right?

This is exactly the same for dark or enlightened energies. Love rebalances the unbalanced part and lack of Love unbalances the balanced part. But this Love is in us, we find it in ourselves, because this Love, the Love of ourselves, is not conditional and depends on no one person.



What does a child when he is suffering? He is instinctively looking for his mother or his father because he knows that her or his Love is unconditional, and indeed the mother Love reaches his own Light and the child is reassured instantly.

I use again the concept of enlightened part! Yes, I insist on the Light side of the force… :)

This part is in every one of us and it needs to be activated in order to start the rebalancing. Most of the time we would need a transmitter which can be called commonly as a healer, magnetizer or whatever…

These transmitters have abilities which can be inborn abilities or could have been developed over time by opening themselves to their own Light. The Light is connected to the power of universal energy or the energy of the whole, or whatever words which suit you….

These transmission abilities, every one of us has it, but there are not activated or not powerful enough, or you have other abilities that you prioritise and develop as you wish, thanks to your work or diverse activities…

So… Let’s do it? This looks simple, isn’t it?

Well not really, and the things are getting complicated.

Why are there getting more complex?

Well, we, human beings, are not born accidentally in a solar system popped up out of nowhere, lost in an infinity of random universes. No ! This is like that.

Without developing more about it, what we should retain is that we need to live some specific experiences in order to evolve, understand, grow up and recover then a minimum of our Light part. And we chose ourselves what lessons we wanted to learn before coming on Earth.

The tests are here, this the time to open and understand what could have happened in us and what is the source of your unbalances and pathologies. What have we been scared from? Who did we hate? And what’s going on…






Sometimes it is unconsciously after digging and burying the whole thing in our little garden, after filling every hole, after planting nice trees and plants that we will found what we have been stocking.

The transmitter role is to insufflate energy, Light and messages that you are able to hear according to what step you are in, what you have been through in your life and what you have been creating. The healing is always subtle and you need to pace your effort in order to prepare yourself for it, as every one of us is a unique case.

However, everything does not need to be understood and some of these rebalancing can happen with the only need to receive the care and the energy you need.

All of this to conclude that you are Love beings and every one of us knows it deeply, every one of us felt it and every one of us is looking for and will recognize it and will say it one day or another.

The (spiritual) healing is a formality when it happens and is permanent because the experience has been understood and accepted with the depth of the heart. As a matter of fact our Light part is in the heart, and we need to activate it to heal ourselves with the help of a transmitter who is connected to himself and to the source and who can transmit and anchor in you a minimum of Light and Joy.

The more you will accept the help offered to you, the more you will open yourself, the more you will rebalance yourself and the less you will develop unbalances. You will be winners at any level. It is on your side to find the transmitter who suits you according to what you feel and knowing that when you are serene and relaxed you can feel the energy beyond the words… 
What do you feel?

For my part, I am a passionate transmitter about healing and rebalancing. I am always surprised how people have the ability to open their hearts during sessions and release themselves in order to live better. I discover new abilities and people every day.

You can reproduce this text and transmit it, but please indicate and share my web site

André Gezel mars 2012